Hydraulic Starting: Systems and Products


  • Hydraulic Starters produce higher torque and speed resulting in faster, more efficient engine starting
  • With the addition of a Beryllium Copper pinion, the hydraulic starter meets the requirements of "spark free" environments
  • Unlike alternative starting methods, hydraulic starting systems are nearly unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • With the use of the hand pump, hydraulic starting systems are capable of overcoming a "black start" condition proving to be critical during emergency situations
  • Due to constant lubrication of the moving parts, hydraulic starting systems often survive the life of the engine, which results in less "lifetime cost" when compared to other starting methods

With over 90% efficiency Hydrotors cranks any engine size, from very small up to over 70litres displacement. With various flanges, configurations pre-engage and soft cycle inertia starters, with a overhung pinion version, the Hydraulic starter can be fitted on any engine.