Rish CON SI 101

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Weight: 0.12kg
Dimensions: 66.00mm x 22.00mm x 106.00mm

RISH CON SI101 is a simple isolator suitable for a variety of applications.

Provides galvanic seperation and eliminates earth and ground loop problems and simplifies interfacing.
SI 101 electrically isolates the input, output & power supply 
The isolator fulfills all the requirements concerning EMC and safety (IEC 61010).
*Isolation between input and output & Power Supply:
 *2.3 kV between I/P & O/P,
 *3.7 kV between Power Supply & I/P or O/P
 *Output Burden:- 600Ohms @ 20mAdc
 *Output Burden:- 2kOhms @ 10Vdc
 *Onsite selectable DIN rail & wall mounting
 *Universal Power Supply - 24...60Vac/dc
 *LED indicating the power on state