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The SDG500 Series (Smart Digital Governor) is designed to regulate engine speed on diesel and gas/gasoline reciprocating engines. The SDG500 Series (Smart Digital Governor) is a suitable replacement for any mechanical system that needs more flexibility, precision or control in governing speed. The SDG500 Series is an integral part of a closed loop control system. When connected to an electric actuator and supplied with a magnetic speed sensor signal, the governor will direct the engine to the desired speed setting.

Fast, Compact Digital Engine Speed Governor
Solid-State Microprocessor-Based Device Designed to
Control Engine Speed with Precise Response to
Transient Load Changes
Easy Configuration using GAC SmartVU Software
Three Fixed Speeds and One Variable Speed with Droop Governing Capability
Overspeed Shutdown Protection
Speed Ramping from Idle to Operation Speed
Starting Fuel Control for Lower Engine Exhaust Emissions
Deutsch Connector
Resistive Input