Hydraulic Start - IPU

For diesel engines up to 80 litres

IPU’s hydraulic starting systems provide guaranteed reliability no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. This independent, dead ship or blackstart capability is ideal as your primary method of starting fire pumps, emergency generators and compressors.

ATEX approved starter motors provide safe starting on offshore platforms, in mines and at other hazardous locations.
Manufactured from cast iron, the hydraulic starter motors combine quick acceleration with high torque output for guaranteed starting in extreme conditions.


Start sy The Hydraulic Start System.

Energy is stored in the form of hydraulic oil under pressure inside the accumulator. The oil is released using a foot switch, solenoid or manually operated start valve. Once released, the oil travels to the starter motor which engages with the engine ring gear and cranks the engine. Once the engine has reached firing speed the pinion is automatically kicked back by the ring gear. The system can be recharged manually using a hand operated pump, electrically using a hydraulic pump or even through the host machine's onboard hydraulics.



Start syst 2Standard Starting Systems.

We can provide a complete system package ‘as standard’ system which incorporates the starter motor, accumulator, hand pump, foot valve, hoses and fittings in a ‘ready to go’ unit.

Custom package:
We can provide custom packages enable the starting system to become an integrated part of the engine. By designing a custom package to a specific installation, we can provide you with a compact and effective power system.Start syst 1