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Weight: 0.82kg
Mål: 151.00mm x 144.00mm x 20.00mm

GAC’s EEG6550 Series digital governor is designed to regulate engine speed on diesel and gaseous-fueled engines. The EEG system is a suitable replacement for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision, or accurate control of governed speed. The EEG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, and mechanical drives, to pumps or compressors.

Simplified LCD User Interface
Fast Setup with 5 Push Button, No Potentiometers
Rated, Idle Speed, and Variable Speed
Selectable Isochronous, Droop, & Variable Governing
Built-In Fault Protection With Overcurrent Sensing
Adjustable Staring Fuel Strategy (Black Smoke Reduction)
Extended Speed Range to 12KHz or 4000 RPM with Frequency Display
Speed Ramping (Idle to Rated or any Speed Setting)
Includes Standard GAC AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing
J1939 Engine Data Transmission
Overspeed Sensing & Protection