InteliGen NT

The InteliGen NT is providing the solution needed for most kind of gen-set applications, from simple stand-by application of any size or to a complex application in multi parallel island or multi parallel to main(s) operation.

The basic controller providing AMF functionality with option set by configuration for synchronizing and mains paralleling with MCB control and protections.
Activation provides synchronizing and multi parallel operation in island operation also included full power management. The control system can further easily be extended by an InteliMains NT controller (or more) for multi mains parallel operation.

For the software based NT platform there is also selectable default archives for different kind of applications available.

Parameter settings are either carried out by key buttons on controller display, or by free monitoring software.
Basic configuration is done via powerful configuration software, that also allow you to change from basic to advance configuration mode and activating more features and functionality into the controller.

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InteliGen NT

Complex Parallel Gen-set Controller

InteliGen NT BaseBox

Complex Parallel Gen-set Controller

InteliGen NTC BaseBox

Complex Parallel Gen-set Controller with extended communication.

InteliGen NT Marine

High-End Marine Certified Gen-set Controller

InteliGen 200

New generation of genset
parallel controller for standard applications.